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  29 April, 2020

The value proposition of Technology in mitigating the COVID-19 impact

After the COVID 19 outbreak- the world is seeing a "New Normal" and slowly comprehending the full impact of globalization. As the situation is evolving- this "new normal" is not going to go away, but is here to stay. There are many new opportunities that are coming up; however, they are being quickly grabbed by companies that are investing in innovation, and adapting to newer technologies. Companies that have been using traditional, manual processes are realizing that they need to quickly innovate and embrace technology or fall by the wayside. A transition to newer processes and technologies, typically comes with a heavy investment of both financial and human capital, and is often quite painful.

This is where a technology partner with regulatory experience in lifesciences industry can step in to help you to chart out your transition-path and navigate through the jargon towards your success.

Partnering with a technology team who knows the subject well and has rich industry experience with proven capabilities, will be able to suggest the right blend of technology and process enhancements to optimize your process delivery.

Digitalization Solutions: Technology partners can help in converting existing paper-based processes like MBR, QA activities and Project Management into a digitalized system, enabling you to unlock synergies of Technology enabled productivity, and improved quality.

Transformation Solutions: Some companies have a plethora of legacy systems working in silos. Your technology partner will be able to assist in brining all these under a common platform so that existing data is available for providing insights and taking meaningful decisions using AI and ML.

Your Technology partner should help companies ensure that they comply to the latest regulations like GDPR and CFR-21 Part 11. The implementation of these solutions justifies the spends on technology and ensures that the companies keep getting the ROI benefits over time.

Author of this blog is the Technology head at Athreva and is working on tech products required on daily basis for lifesciences industry. Do reach out to Athreva for more details and mutually beneficial partnership.

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