What is Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP)?

  04 May, 2021

What is Voluntary Cosmetic
Registration Program (VCRP)?

The Voluntary Cosmetic Registration Program (VCRP) is a reporting system that can be used by manufacturers, distributors, or packers to register their cosmetic products for commercial distribution in the US market. As the name itself suggests, VCRP is a voluntary program and even when it is not a mandatory requirement as per the US FDA regulations, it is the responsibility of the manufacturer or brand owner to ensure the safety of their cosmetic product.

Who can file VCRP?

Once the sale hits an annual gross of $1000, the manufacturer, distributor, or packer who placed the given cosmetic product(s) in the US market for commercial sale is eligible to file the VCRP. It should be noted that one cannot file VCRP forms prior to placement of products in the market. Also, VCRP does not apply to cosmetics for professional use only and to cosmetics that are not for sale.

What are the two parts of VCRP?

There are two forms in the VCRP filing process.

Form 2511: Registering cosmetic manufacturing and/or packaging establishment. This form can be used only by manufacturers or packers to register their establishments.

Form 2512: Filing Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statements (CPIS). This form can be used by manufacturers, distributors, or packers to file the cosmetic product formulation.

Filing of VCRP

Any person who intends to file a VCRP form must request the US FDA for a VCRP account. Upon requisition, the US FDA reviews and provides a VCRP account along with a temporary password to access the account within 21 days.

Once the account is approved, one can file for either Form 2511 or Form 2512 or both. In case of discontinuation or amendment in the cosmetic product formulation, an amendment can be submitted to the US FDA by filing Form 2512a. Also, one must submit a separate Form 2152 for each formulation.

Pre-requisites to file both forms of VCRP

  • Name and address of the manufacturer, distributor, or packer
  • Annual gross sale of $1000
  • Complete list of ingredients in the formulation
  • Product labels that are compliant with US FDA cosmetic labeling regulations
  • Brand name of the product and product function/use
  • Website URL where the product is available for US citizens to view product details or purchase the product online

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