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Scientific Branding Services


Are you wondering what information you should include in your abstract and in what order? What is the best way to get your message across in a presentation? How much text you should add to your poster? At Athreva, our professionally adept team of scientific communicators will not only help your company develop, deliver and evaluate effective science communication initiatives but also successfully market and advertise them, in turn demonstrating the importance of your work to an extensive range of stakeholders- venture capitalists and business executives or the public and the press.

What We Offer

Our prolific team of qualified scientific writers will help you create and deliver the following Scientific Communication services in an error-free and timely fashion.

Conference Abstracts

Our team can help develop written abstracts that summarize key facts and statistical details, technical information and conclusion of your scientific report in a succinct and engaging style that can be used for the purpose of submission at a scientific meet/ conference/ congress.


Mainly focussing on primary and secondary original research manuscripts, our skilled team of writers with deep understanding of therapeutic area can help you collate high-quality content that undergo set processes of scientific, technical, editorial and quality control review. Clarity and brevity are our strong point.

Journal Articles

Our team has proven expertise on fact-check data, managing copyrights, check for plagiarism and ensures that journal guidelines are strictly followed. We are also adept at submitting articles on behalf of the author and responding to journal reviewers.

Review Articles

Expert review article writers at Athreva possess the required skill and acumen in all the writing patterns to deliver a plagiarism free content in the required format.


Our curated team of writers and graphic designers will help you develop the content and layout of a scientific poster as per the guidelines to be used for conferences and meetings.

Slide Decks

With Athreva, make your scientific presentation or medical slide deck fit for virtual communication.

Brochures and Newsletters

Our team of writers help you convey your body of work in the field of science with your target audience in an effective and regular manner. We can help prepare trial and product brochures with appropriate scientific content and infographics.

Pub Alerts

We can provide you a brief, one-page description of the key-published articles/ manuscripts in the form of a pub-alert at a frequency of your choice.

Why Athreva

  • In-depth understanding of the exhaustive world of drugs and medical devices and well-versed with latest science news and discoveries
  • Scientific content written and curated by experienced field experts
  • Logically structured, understandable, and concise science communication deliverables
  • Engaging scientific research documents ready for submission with up-to-date technical information, language, format and template
  • Unbiased and evidence based scientific writing services that run parallel to the corresponding research
  • Utmost privacy of all your submitted documents
  • High-quality and cost-effective delivery in the quickest possible timeframe