Medico Marketing


In the continually changing regulatory landscape of drugs, medical devices and other life-sciences products, Medico Marketing plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between the manufacturing companies and a diverse consumer base, be it healthcare practioners (HCPs), patients or sales teams. Its primary aim is to optimally increase consumer awareness about the availability, safety, efficacy, hazards, and techniques of using any given drug or device.

Whether it is HCP-targeted or direct-to-consumer medico-marketing, our specially curated team at Athreva can assist you in building and boosting brand image and brand equity of your company, product launches, and in creating unbiased and evidence-based premium quality content for promotional materials. To meet with surging demands of the non-English speaking regions, our medico-marketing team also specializes in transcreating and translating marketing materials with superior levels of accuracy and cultural sensitivity. Right from formulation of goals, identification of a target market, developing a plan to achieve the goal and analysis of marketing strategy at regular intervals for assessing the progress, Athreva believes in providing comprehensive medico marketing solutions to help you establish your brand.

What We Offer

The current drug and medical devices industry is ripe for marketing innovation and there are huge opportunities for manufacturing companies to stand out in the crowd. Our curated Medico Marketing team at Athreva can help you achieve strong branding right from conception to implementation by developing cost-effective and innovative marketing campaigns and gain a significant advantage over your competitors within a significantly quick turnaround time.

Leave Behind Literature (LBL)

Our expert team of medical writers, editors and graphic designers will help create distinct LBLs incorporating scientific key messages, evidence-based trial/ study information and out-of-the-box visualizations that are alligned with your brand positioning and strategic intent.

Product Monographs

A Product Monograph represents a scientific document on a drug product which entails appropriate information regarding the name of the drug, indications, its therapeutic use, mechanisum of action, and other drug specific details. Our team with exclusive expertise and experience in quality medical education deliverables will assist you in creating clear, concise, and reliable product monographs following specific guidelines.

Patient Education Kits

Patients are no longer just passive recipients of prescriptions but play an active role in taking informed decisions about their treatment options. Our patient education kits that include e-Learning Modules, Surveys, Promotional Videos, Workshop Slide Decks and Pamphlets help provide your end-users with accurate and reliable information and build a closer connect with your target audience.

Other deliverables

Our team of experts can support you by developing targeted, efficient, timely, and engaging medical educational materials such as Poster Standees, MSL Slide Deck, Infographics, IPad based activities, Case study slide decks, Flyers, Product Brochures, and FAQs by articulating the key messages for your brand's strategic imperatives and positioning.

Why Athreva

  • Broad industry expertise and experience drawn from pharmaceutical and medical devices companies, CROs, service providers, and academia
  • In-depth knowledge of medical and scientific contents perfectly alligned with technical, editorial, visual-aid and quality control reviews
  • Thoroughly compliant with regulatory or other specified guidelines and codes of marketing practices in terms of content, format and structure
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) at the onset of a project to ensure data privacy and security.
  • State-of-the-art writing and publishing software