What is Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP)?

  06 May, 2021

What is Cosmetic Product
Notification Portal (CPNP)?

The European Union has its own set of guidelines when it comes to regulating all cosmetic products being used for commercial purposes within its territory. To ensure absolute safety of the end consumer using any given cosmetic product, all cosmetic products manufactured or imported into the EU must comply with EC 1223/2009. As an integral part of it, any cosmetic product for sale in the EU must be notified to the European Commission (EC) via Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (CPNP) as per Article 13 of EC 1223/2009.

CPNP is an electronic portal that allows responsible persons or distributors in the EU to notify their cometic products along with all necessary documentation and this notification process through CPNP does not entail any Health Authority fee. In case of cosmetic products with nanomaterials, the CPNP has a separate module according to Article 16 of the regulatory guidelines. To allow the EC to analyze the safety and efficacy of the cosmetic product, this information must be submitted in the CPNP along with the notification under Article 13.

Information required to notify the cosmetics via CPNP

  • Trade name of the product
  • Product type – Single component or multi-component product
  • Name of the shades/variants (if any)
  • If the product is intended for use by children below 3 years of age
  • Name, address and contact number of the Responsible Person of the product
  • Country of Origin for imported products
  • Name of the member state where the product will be first placed
  • Complete formulation details including INCI name, CAS number, EC number of each ingredient
  • Complete product details category, physical form, pH, single applicator etc.
  • Presence of nanomaterials in the formulation and its complete information
  • Application type of product and its route
  • Name of the ingredient, CAS number and EC number of Category 1A or 1B CMR substances
  • Product labels

Steps for submission through CPNP

Step-1: Creating a valid ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service) login account

Step-2: Requesting an access to the organization in CPNP to be a defined organization in the SAnte Authorisation System (SAAS)

Step-3: Notification of the cosmetic product and nanomaterials as per Articles 13 and 16 of EC 1223/2009

Once the above steps are successfully taken care of, a CPNP reference number will be assigned to each product which could be used for submission of updated details, searching for product details, copying to another organization etc.

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The author of this blog Dr. Sravya is one of our in-house cosmetic regulatory experts. With hands-on experience in consulting for cosmetic manufacturing companies worldwide, her sharp eye for detail speaks for itself. You can find her on Linkedin.