Artwork Management


Electronic Proofreading Tool Service and/or Tool

In present scenario, deadlines make quality checks more challenging than they already are. In case of manual artwork creation, the scope for errors increases throughout the lifecycle to check the consistency of copy or design. To cross check the created artwork against the source file, pixel-to-pixel comparison, text comparison, etc. becomes strenuous during manual proof-reading. To reduce the risk of errors, organizations frequently opt for combination of manual proof-reading and electronic proofreading.

Electronic proof-reading is when software compares two files digitally, quickly, and easily, without intervention of human. Market has tools which are specifically dedicated to artwork electronic proof-reading which can inspect text, barcodes, braille, layout, etc.


Integrated with a 360-degree perspective on the artwork lifecycle right from copy (core text) to design to final artwork, we offer our clients an effective proofreading tool that checks for quality defects across the pipeline. Combined with advanced technical capabilities and region-specific regulatory nuances, Athreva is specialized in handling a major industry electronic proofreading tool namely Global Vision, which can reduce the manual driven artwork errors in a timely manner, thus reducing the burden of cost upon organizations.

Following are the tool characteristics :

  1. Text to text comparison - Inspecting two different text documents and detect differences between the two. It can compare different file formats and can compare different languages which may be non-Latin languages.

  2. Pixel to pixel comparison or Graphics infection or image compare - Comparing 2 files which can detect color difference, text placements, graphics.

  3. Barcode Comparison - Can verify any type of packaging line code or point of sale code along with barcode grades.

  4. Print Inspection - Compare printed packaging material with the approved digital PDF. An important function to carry out before bulk printing is initiated. Printed packaging material inspection can be carried out at print vendor side as well as at quality department of customer.