Artwork Management


Artwork Proofreading / QC Services

Athreva’s artwork team comes with the advantage of regulatory artworks proofreading created by artists in internal or external studio. Our proofreading team is equipped with right resources like- electronic proofreading software, manual proofreading or any validation device assisting artwork quality checks and services. The team has rich experience of proofreading artworks for various large companies, mid-sized and small companies from across multiple industries.

Companies looking for quality artwork and labelling skills in this competitive age require perfection, not just in terms of product technicalities, but also in terms of communicating the product usage to the end-user. We have witnessed that even a simple typing error on the final artwork could cost heavily to an organization later.

We infer that there are several reasons why companies are unable to address artwork defects, and must bear consequences, if they fail to address the gross technical, contextual and content-based artwork defects.

Some of these reasons are mainly:

  • Lack of proficient proofreading professionals with regulatory artwork background
  • Absence of any automated proof-reading system
  • Limited knowledge of country-based regulatory requirements etc.


Our artwork studio complies with a 4-eye approach and because of which quality proofreading team is established as an integral function to cater to our customers. With a keen eye for detail and emphasis on quality in all aspects, Athreva adopts a fool proof strategy towards artwork proofreading. In addition, our multi-disciplinary proofreading team ensures that integrity is not lost across the lifecycle. By integrating the automated proofreading tools/techniques, we ensure that the level of reworks are reduced thus enabling time & cost benefits for our clients. The techniques used by our proofing experts, aim at Right-First Time (RFT) approval of artworks when it moves to review and approval process.

This quality team becomes the base of process improvement in the artwork studio with regular feedbacks going to concerned team and person. For example: Assume a scenario where an artwork studio only has artists and doesn’t have any proofreading department to check on artworks created. There is a possibility that the company can face problems in achieving 100% accuracy. An artist might miss something to execute or might have introduced something new, which may lead to errors going to review and approval team which will further create more loops or reworks of the artworks. Proofreading team or quality team within an artwork studio assures that the artwork goes error free and production time can be adhered to.