Artwork Management


Artwork Management System (PLM Tool)

Artwork lifecycle management requires coordination from all stakeholders as soon as any new product is conceptualized for introduction to any concerned market. This coordination with stakeholders can be a cumbersome activity if it is done manually. With teams situated at various locations, there exists a gap between multiple teams and stakeholders involved in various stages of the process.

Be it communication between multiple stakeholders, review of artworks and their iterations, review and approvals from stakeholders or tracking real-time artworks status; lack of any proper automated artwork management system is always a challenge for organizations to navigate through the entire lifecycle. In such a scenario, a centralized artwork management process with PLM software is a good bet for organizations.

PLM Athreva

PLM Athreva

Today life sciences industry is striving hard to be compliant at every stage of lifecycle management and with Artwork Management System installed; any organization can be audit ready and can make sure that tracking of every workflow stage is properly allocated and monitored. This helps immensely in controlling the production cost and sets higher accountability for responsible stakeholders. Such a solution allows to effectively manage data, handle different kind of artwork change request, securing digital assets, and to control different stakeholders.

Athreva has a team of regulatory artwork experts, who have exposure to industry known artwork lifecycle management tools. We assist our clients by providing them visibility towards such PLM tools, and creating comprehensive processes and workflows for the artwork lifecycle, right from initiating request to the stage of printing and packaging. We provide organizations the flexibility of end-to-end artwork automation, from creation to email notifications to online approvals. In addition to hands-on experience about industry tools, Athreva integrates its regulatory knowledge in order to protect the product’s safety information while requesting designs.

Artwork Management Software (AMS) for Artwork lifecycle management may have different workflows for different packaging requirement with proper review and approval cycles which can happen from any part of the world. It can integrate supply chain such as SAP as well as electronic proofreading software with the PLM tool. It can manage different stakeholders with their requirement and manage BoM of company product portfolio. Apart from that asset management is another important feature along with version control.