Artwork Management

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Packaging Artwork Coordination
(Lifecycle Management)

Managing packaging artwork lifecycle management is becoming complex day by day. Whether a company has to manually coordinate the activities or through a PLM tool, the complexities remain the same. In the end, an artwork lifecycle manager must make sure that the product is manufactured on time which requires lot of coordination among various departments and functionalities. With businesses expanding and extending across the globe, interacting with various stakeholders poses a great challenge for many organizations.

With growing number of products, launches and renewals; compliance requirement, integration with multiple artwork stakeholders and many other factors which are required for packaging and artwork management adds to continuous pressure to a company. There are many challenges in dealing with internal and external departments, such as, long packaging BoM to SKU cycle, redundant and repeated processes, low visibility across the chain, inconsistence metrics and analytics in relation to issues pertaining to artwork lifecycle.


Athreva comes with comprehensive knowledge and expertise on managing entire Artwork Lifecycle Management including supply chain activities. We understand various global artwork scenarios and apply years of our team’s exposure to multiple artwork management workflows to add value to any new client getting associated with us.

Key areas for Artwork lifecycle coordination


On a high level, following activities can be part of artwork lifecycle coordination

  • Managing packaging artwork portfolio across one market or may be for multiple markets.
  • Ensuring artwork activities are taking place as per defined workflow.
  • Managing all internal and external stakeholder of artwork lifecycle and making sure activities are completed on time so that product is available in market on or before time.
  • Direct controlling supply chain activities which will include assessment of change control, BoM and effect of the change in overall business.
  • Coordinating with external Artwork studio for proper input and output related to artwork.
  • Coordinating with Regulatory affairs of different markets for correct regulatory requirements.
  • Ensuring all datapoints are recorded at each workflow step.
  • Ensuring the artwork lifecycle management is executed as per defined Artwork SOP.
  • Each workflow step meets compliance requirements.
  • Properly differentiate between Launch artworks and changes to existing and ensuring emergency artworks are handled and coordinated in an efficient manner.
  • Time to time artwork meetings between different stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page, including technical requirements related to packaging artwork design.
  • Delivery of right printable file to print vendor which is approved by all concerned.
  • Coordinate with stakeholders in different time zones.

Artwork product Lifecyle management software (AMS) have made coordination job less stressful though the required coordination is still prevailing in this function. Coordinator has to reach out to stakeholders to ensure timely delivery even if the tool is reminding separately. Conflict resolution is another function where artwork coordinator needs to step in with the aim of resolving the problem which might be bothering 2 functions or more.