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  28 Feb, 2021

Artwork And Packaging
Lifecycle Continuity

It is no news that the Covid-19 pandemic resulted in massive changes in how companies operate worldwide, and the lifesciences, consumer, and food industries are no exception. All through last year and this year included, these industries are trying their best to mitigate the overall effect of the pandemic on their supply chain. If you ask what are the areas which led to potential supply chain disruptions, I would like to stress on the following areas -

  • Raw material availability
  • Absentee workforce
  • Transportation restrictions

However, lifesciences, consumer and food industries falling under essential services are therefore operational even during these times of crisis. While it is not easy to operate due to concerns raised above, among other requisites, employers have to make sure adequate infrastructure is available to medically screen its workers on daily basis and take measures to ensure that the facility and workers are not infected.

The following mandatory documents must be submitted for cosmetic registration and notification-

In the Indian scenario, this outbreak has presented the Indian pharma, consumer, medical devices, food, FMCG and related consulting companies an opportunity to become a preferred alternative hub for manufacturing goods or service delivery.

Artwork and Packaging lifecycle is one of the segments which falls under essential category and more so if it is catering to lifesciences and consumer industry. Lockdown has impacted this service industry where access to raw material, absenteeism of human resource and transportation of employees and resources to workplace is tough to manage. While industries had some form of Business continuity planning (BCP), no one was prepared for the scale of disruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic and how to mitigate it quickly.

The positive effect of the pandemic, in the area of artwork lifecycle, printing and packaging is that the companies will be prepared for such eventualities in the future, by ensuring the packaging lifecycle and artwork operations are properly handled by maintaining the continuity of the packaging supply chain.

The future is bright, and such continuity will be assisted by using technology to the hilt. Jobs will be redesigned considering technological advances and human necessities.

Author of this blog is an Artwork Lifecycle SME (Subject matter Expert) with Athreva and has solutions to keep the continuity in any adverse situation. He has proven expertise and experience in strategizing artwork solutions and technology implementation in the related field.

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